"I came to Nicola to work through a long-standing issue that was affecting both how I felt about myself and my overall confidence levels. By helping me to identify small, realistic goals, I have made considerable progress after just five coaching sessions and am feeling so much more confident and positive than when we first started. Nicola has been a fantastic coach and a consummate professional – I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

MB, London

"Nicola helped me to focus on specific areas of my life that mattered most to me, create a goal and then a clear pathway to reach it. The sessions provided a great amount of positive reinforcement and the different frameworks allowed me to look at my life in a different perspective and add structure where it was previously lacking. Since my coaching sessions I feel a lot more content and happy in my life, I feel like I am in control of my own direction."

CM, Cheshire

"Since our sessions began I have, with Nicola’s help, been able to self manage my objectives in life both in the short term and longer term and what used to feel like huge, barrier-like obstacles I now see as merely stages on the journey to achieving my goals."

AH, Liverpool

"I found my coaching sessions with Nicola extremeley helpful. I had never had the chance to talk so in-depth about my goals and have someone help me to organise my thoughts to achieve them. My business is looking much more organised and I'm working on improving my health from understanding what changes I need in my daily life."

MR, East Sussex

"The coaching sessions with Nicola were very helpful for me in identifying my limiting beliefs and starting to work on changing them. I realised that I could think differently about money and how much I charge for my services."

AK, Poland.

"Nicola has helped me understand that it is ok to look after myself and take time for me and that what I want and need is important too! As a full-time working Mum with two children I feel like I am constantly juggling and feeling guilty, taking any time for me has always been a big struggle. However I have realised that looking after me and managing my time better and creating a better work life balance, that my children and my husband have benefitted from this too!"

AM, Cheshire.

"Nicola helped me break things down into manageable pieces and organise my goals. I found speaking with her helpful in being able to voice my ideas and order my thoughts. She was very kind and empathetic towards my struggles."

ST, East Sussex.

"I went into my coaching sessions not knowing where I wanted to go in my career and when I wanted to achieve this by. I go away from our coaching sessions with a set of goals for the next five years of my life, a way of reaching those goals and a sense of belief that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. Nicola is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone that is looking to set meaningful goals in either their personal or professional life."

MR, Cheshire.

"Thanks to Nicola's coaching I had the opportunity to really get to know myself, my challenges and find in myself what I needed to move ahead. I had the opportunity to let go of many things that were holding me back and to acknowledge a new me. If you are looking to discover a new empowering version of yourself or you are facing tough challenges and need to find ways to see it through, Nicola is definitely the person for you."

DU, London.

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